Prices Valid from 01 February 2016.

 UNDERLAYS – no cutting charge Width Roll length R / m2 R / lm
600gm Felt Underlay 3.5 35 R17.43 R61.00
800gm Felt Underlay 3.5 35 R22.29 R78.00
1000gm Felt Underlay 3.5 35 R27.14 R95.00
1200gm Felt Underlay 3.5 35 R31.71 R111.00
GREEN heavy domestic (cutting charge applicable) 3.66 35 R42.08 R154.00
ORANGE domestic (cutting charge applicable) 3.66 25 R100.00 R366.00
BLUE commercial (cutting charge applicable) 3.66 25 R127.87 R468.00
8mm HYGIENE+ (Polyethylene underlay) 1.5 50 R32.00 R48.00
ANTISLIP rug underlay 2.00 30 R47.00 R94.00
BLACK for LVT click products (cutting charge applicable) 2.00 50 R1.12 R112.00
ECOLAY 2.5 & 3mm FLAT – rolls only 2.00 20 R59.58 R2 383.00
ECOLAY 5mm FLAT – rolls only 2.00 12 R89.46 R2 147.00
ECOLAY 6.5mm FLAT – rolls only 2.00 10 R113.30 R2 266.00
INSTALAY 30 HIGH grab – rolls only 1.00 15 R91.73 R1 376.00
INSTALAY 50 HIGH grab – rolls only 1.00 10 R131.40 R1 314.00


LABOUR Unit R / m2 R / lm
Carpet Installations – broadloom stretch or glued down 3.66 wide R55.00 R201.30
Carpet Installations – broadloom stretch or glued down 4.00 wide R55.00 R220.00
Carpet Installations – Tiles 10.00 sqm/box R55.00 R550.00
Carpet Installations – Tiles 5.00 sqm/box R55.00 R275.00
Surcharge for Stairs (Up to 1.0 m wide) per stair R45.00
Labour for screed per bag (Min = R1400.00)  per bag R385.00
Labour for Rockset  per box R110.00
Door Cutting per door R385.00
Minimum Labour Fee R1 550.00
Heaters with New Carpets each R130.00
Heaters with Existing Carpets (Plus Carpet installation fee) each R130.00
Thermostat Installation each R385.00
EASY SKIRT Instatation 3m Lengths R100.00
EASY SKIRT Cut & Insert Carpet Strips 3m Lengths R100.00
Uplifting of Old Carpets R20.00  
Rubble Removal (No Discounts – Invoiced Separately) per Load R660.00



  1. All prices are in South African Rand (ZAR) and include 14% V.A.T.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  3. A cut length charge of ZAR185.00 per cut is applicable to all broadloom material which must be cut from a roll including Belgotex’s Orange & Blue Undercushion.
  4. No guarantee is made or implied regarding the availability of stock.
  5. Prices are valid for Johannesburg, Randburg, Sandton & Westrand Areas – South Africa only.
  6. Minimum labour fee is ZAR1550.00
  7. Terms of Payment: Carpets & Heaters to be paid for upfront in advance. Labour & accessories costs to be paid on completion.
  8. Only Electronic Funds Transfers accepted, no Cash, Cheques or Credit Cards.