About the Owner

The owner of “Mr Carpet” is Adrian van Rooyen.  He started selling wall to wall carpets and under carpet heating in 1997 trading under the cleaning company “Mr Steam” and in the year 2000 started trading as “Mr Carpet”.   “Mr Steam” is a carpet and upholstery cleaning business that was established in 1974 and is now jointly owned and operated by Tommy van Rooyen (Father) & Adrian van Rooyen (Son).

Adrian joined the cleaning company in 1996 and has from then on looked for ways to improve business operations.  He started by adding computer technology solutions to improve the clients’ experience when they phone our office.  This was achieved by computerising all client information and having that information immediately available when the client phones.  This solution was so effective that Adrian has been asked to create similar systems for other companies in different industries.

With and hands on knowledge of carpet cleaning and more than a decade of experience in new carpet industry, Adrian is distinctively qualified to give advice on what carpet to purchase and how to make that investment last the longest and service its purpose the best.  Although, interior decorating is not something he has pursued and formally studied, he has seen and considered thousands of deco ideas over the years and has a keen interest in deco trends and ideas.  This is appreciated by many clients when they get sound advice on their flooring needs.

With the foundation of developing and implementing I.T. solutions in his own company, Adrian has looked for opportunities to share his ideas about how to structure I.T. solutions to suit company or individual needs and how best to keep all that data save and backed up regularly.  As a result of this interest, Adrian joined “Ozone Technologies” a division of “Ozone Concepts International cc” in 2010 and is a Microsoft Certified Professional in software licencing.  He is also proficient in PC building, Virtualisation in the I.T. Environment, Web Hosting and Basic Web Design, Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and integration with I.T. systems, Remote Access, Networking, and Voice & Data Services.  More information about Ozone Technologies can be found at http://www.ozoneinternational.co.za/pages/projects_tech/